A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Set in the town of Toresal in the kingdom of Miradania, Secret Letter is an adventure about a fourteen year old orphan that everyone knows as "Jack". Jack is pulled into a dangerous mystery when a handful of Baron Fossville's mercenaries begin hunting him. From Grubber's Market through Commerce Street, and onto Lord's Keep; Jack is faced with numerous challenges. Teisha lends a hand along the way, as does Bobby, the mysterious boy always lurking in Lord's Market. The ladies at Maiden House are helpful, but can sometimes be a bit overbearing. The shopkeepers are always willing to chat about the latest gossip. Jack, he just wants to sit down and eat an apple.

Install instructions

Silverlight Version:

  • Download and unzip file to a temporary location.
  • Execute the enclosed .msi file.
  • Locate the program in your menu or on the Metro screen (Windows 8.x) and run it!
  • Recommended: Run in a detached browser window (not a tab) and hit F11 for full-screen.
  • Glulx file is saved to your desktop.

Glulx Version:

  • Download and unzip to a permanent location.
  • Run glulx file with your favorite interpreter. You can find the correct interpreter from this page:
  • An html hint file is included.


Glulx Version (cross-platform) 4 MB
Silverlight (Windows only) & Glulx (cross-platform) 8 MB