A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Shadow in the Cathedral, Textfyre's second game, is now available for purchase on itch.io. The first episode in the Klockwerk Series; Shadow begins a deep steampunk adventure in a world of clocks, gears and ornithopters. You are Wren, 2nd assistant clock-polisher. It's not a very important job, but it offers a place to sleep and bread to eat. You just wish you could someday make it to 1st assistant clock-polisher. Before too long you're trying to solve the greatest mystery in the history of St. Philip.

This version contains the glulx file (playable in any glulx interpreter), an introduction, hints, and new maps for each chapter and a full map of the entire game.

Install instructions

Unzip the the package to a local folder.

Download and install a Glulx interpreter. Use this page at IFWiki.Org as a guide.

Run the shadow-2.1.ulx file with the installed interpreter.

For hints and maps, open the shadowhints.html file in a browser.

An introduction is included as a PDF file.

NOTE: The deluxe file is 110mb because hi-res chapter maps are included.


Shadow-2.1 (deluxe) (110 MB)
shadow-2.1.ulx (game file only) (2 MB)
ShadowHints-2.1.zip (hints only) (264 kB)